Minggu, 10 Juni 2018

Intermediate Accounting

Intermediate Accounting
By:"Donald E. Kieso","Jerry J. Weygandt","Terry D. Warfield"
Published on 2011-03-15 by John Wiley & Sons

INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING by Kieso, Weygandt, and Warfield is, quite simply, the standard by which all other intermediate accounting texts are measured. Through thirty years and thirteen best-selling editions, the text has built a reputation for accuracy, comprehensiveness, and student success. The Fourteenth Edition maintains the qualities for which the text is globally recognized, and continues to be your students? gateway to the profession! Volume I is comprised of Chapters 1-14. Each study guide chapter is comprised of a detailed chapter review, demonstration problems, true/false, multiple-choice, matching questions, and copmrehensive exercises. This book is a bound paperback with three-hole punches for convenient storage in a binder.

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Kamis, 07 Juni 2018

Accounting for Fundamentalisms

Accounting for Fundamentalisms
By:"Martin E. Marty","R. Scott Appleby"
Published on 2004-05-01 by University of Chicago Press

Accounting for Fundamentalisms features treatments of fundamentalist movements, groups that often make headlines but are rarely understood, as part of the multivolume Fundamentalism Project. This book remains a standard reference source for comprehending the dynamics of fundamentalist movements around the world. Surveying fundamentalist movements in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism, the contributors to Accounting for Fundamentalisms describe the organization of these movements, their leadership and recruiting techniques, and the ways in which their ideological programs and organizational structures shift over time in response to changing political and social environments.

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Selasa, 05 Juni 2018

Modeling and Designing Accounting Systems

Modeling and Designing Accounting Systems
By:"C. Janie Chang","Laura R. Ingraham"
Published on 2006-01-06 by Wiley

Get the database skills that are in demand More and more organizations are turning to database management systems to manage their accounting and other operational data. These organizations are looking for accountants with database skills and a good understanding of information technology. With Chang and Ingraham's Data Modeling and Database Design: Using Access to Build a Database you can develop the skills needed to build an actual accounting information system. Taking an approach that is both conceptual and practical, this book will help you understand the theory of data modeling, as well as its application and ultimate implementation in database design. Key Features: * Step-by-step detailed instructions show how to model and design three essential processes of an accounting information system: the sales/collection process, the acquisition/payment process, and the human resources/payroll process. * Presents data modeling from an REA (resource-event-agent) perspective. * The approach is software-independent, but utilizes Microsoft Access 2003 to implement the data models throughout the text. * Multiple-choice and detailed problems at the end of each chapter reinforce learning. * Includes a CD-ROM containing the additional data and forms you will need to complete each chapter.

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Jumat, 01 Juni 2018

Applying Government Accounting Principles

Applying Government Accounting Principles
By:"Mortimer A. Dittenhofer","Edward W. Stepnick"
Published on 2016-05-25 by LexisNexis

Covers virtually every aspect of accounting and financial reporting for state and local governments, as well as federal government programs. Expert analysis, clear text, and hundreds of practical work aids illustrate the maze of pronouncements from the AICPA, GASB, FASB, NCGA, GAO, and OMB, covering a broad range of government accounting topics: • Fund accounting and classification guidelines • Recognizing and recording resource inflows and outflows • Measuring and recording all financial statement accounts and groups • Specialized accounting for pensions and grants • Budgeting and management accounting • Computers in government accounting

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