Rabu, 25 Oktober 2017

Sport Finance

Sport Finance
By:"Gil Fried","Timothy D. DeSchriver","Michael Mondello"
Published on 2013 by Human Kinetics


This Book was ranked 22 by Google Books for keyword finance.

Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017

The UK Tax System

The UK Tax System
By:"Malcolm James"
Published on 2009 by Spiramus Press Ltd

The UK tax system is complex. Not only does the annual Finance Act bring in significant changes, but last year has seen the restructuring of the tax courts, as well as further rewriting of tax law to make it clearer. This book explains the structure of the tax system and its application to various types of taxpayer, the roles of UK governmental departments, and the full range of taxpayers' rights and obligations. New for this second edition are chapters on the difference between trading and employment income, on national insurance, value added tax, and the new tax tribunal structure. Tax practitioners will appreciate having this information in one concise volume. It will be especially relevant for the newly-qualified tax professionals, as well as for students of the UK tax system.

This Book was ranked 28 by Google Books for keyword tax.

Public Finance and Public Choice

Public Finance and Public Choice
By:"James M. Buchanan","Richard A. Musgrave"
Published on 1999-10-12 by MIT Press

In this volume, based on a week-long symposium at the University of Munich's Center for Economic Studies, two leading scholars of governmental economics debate their divergent perspectives on the role of government and its fiscal functions. James M. Buchanan, who was influential in developing the research program in public choice, concentrates on the imperfections of the political process and stresses the need for rules to restrain governmental interference. Richard A. Musgrave, a founder of modern public finance, points to market failures and inequities that call for corrective public policies. They apply their differing economic and political philosophies to a variety of key issues. Each presentation is followed by a response and general discussion.

This Book was ranked 7 by Google Books for keyword finance.

Minggu, 08 Oktober 2017

Management Accounting in Health Care Organizations

Management Accounting in Health Care Organizations
By:"David W. Young"
Published on 2004-01-16 by John Wiley & Sons

Management Accounting in Health Care Organizations offers an introduction to the subject of management accounting and provides a user-oriented approach to the concepts and techniques students need in order to understand management accounting in a health care context. This volume includes the information needed to master the basics of full-cost accounting, differential cost accounting, and responsibility accounting. It describes the uses and limitations of management accounting and the common accounting pitfalls managers face when making routine health care management decisions. This important text is formatted to provide an interactive learning approach. Students prepare answers to problems as they appear throughout each chapter and analyze one or more practice cases at the end of the chapter. Each chapter's practice case is followed by several cases that can be assigned for analysis and discussion in the classroom setting.

This Book was ranked 22 by Google Books for keyword accounting.