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Management Accounting and Control Systems

Management Accounting and Control Systems
By:"Norman B. Macintosh","Paolo Quattrone"
Published on 2010-09-21 by John Wiley & Sons

Management accounting and control deals with administrative devices which organizations use to control their managers and employees. Management accounting systems are a very important part used to motivate, monitor, measure, and sanction, the actions of managers and employees in organizations. Management Accounting and Control Systems 2nd Edition is about the design and working of management accounting and control from an organizational and sociological perspective. It focuses on how control systems are used to influence, motivate, and control what people do in organizations. The second edition of the book takes into account the need for a general update of the content and a change in the structure of the original text, and some of the comments received by the external reviewers

This Book was ranked 40 by Google Books for keyword accounting.

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