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International Cash Pooling

International Cash Pooling
By:"Justus Jansen"
Published on 2011-08-29 by Walter de Gruyter

The application of cash management systems has various positive effects on corporate groups. Not only does it enable a corporate group to minimise its expenditure for banking services, but mainly it is an important tool to guarantee for a filled war chest. Only if the maximum financial strength of a corporate group is bundled, a holding company might be able to react quickly enough to market opportunities or threats. While setting up a cash pool in a multinational corporate group all involved jurisdictions must be taken into account. This book provides an overview of the legal requirements of a cash pool system in 15 different countries enables the reader to get an idea of the chances and risks which will accompany the cash pool system involving the jurisdictions of his choice reflects from a company and insolvency law perspective how to assess the legitimacy of necessary up- and downstream loans, questions of capital maintenance and a potential liability for losses alerts the reader to crucial requirements, provisions and points, which are most important to deal with in the chosen configuration for the cash pool system Readership: Business and bank lawyers, in-house law departments of companies, banks' legal departments.

This Book was ranked 34 by Google Books for keyword cash.

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