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German Tax and Business Law

German Tax and Business Law
By:"Marco Ardizzoni"
Published on 2005 by Sweet & Maxwell

This new annual book steers readers through all the most important aspects of German tax and business law in a concise and highly practical manner. It is aimed at English-speaking lawyers involved in German Business/Tax law cases, helping them understand how German law works and enabling them to anticipate issues that may arise. The text is based on that of the looseleaf German Tax & Business Law Guide. The book will be re-issued annually providing completely up to date interpretation of the law. * Explains the technicalities of German tax and business law in understandable terms * Deals with all areas of business law - from commercial and consumer law to environmental law, IP and litigation * Covers corporate and personal taxation * Includes checklists and forms explaining essential information * Provides a clear overview of how to set up a business in Germany * Supplies expert guidance by German practitioners

This Book was ranked 29 by Google Books for keyword tax.

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